For preparation before putting the asphalt, we rub the place with an industrial broom, and we use a leaf blower to remove all the dirt. We apply asphalt glue or the asphalt will be installed to have a better grip with the old one. Then we put the appropriate asphalt for the place, we level it with rakes and shovels to have the most beautiful finish aesthetically, then we water the asphalt to cool it and pass a vibrating plate at the same time to ensure Good compaction during hardening.

Instructions: To accelerate the curing process, we recommend that you water the asphalt with a garden hose for the next 2-3 days. Do not walk disappointed for 48 hours and do not put a vehicle for at least 10 days, avoid cramping the wheels on the spot, only drive in a straight line. It is recommended to do a sealer treatment the following year to maximize the life of your new asphalt, and then to 2-3 years.


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