Cracks are caused by the movement of the foundation due to 1. Bad foundation preparation, 2. No maintenance and ultimately water that managed to penetrated each opening that made a way to the bottom, freeze and thaw, and The movement of vehicles on a weakened and fragile foundation.


Preparation: We have different approaches when it comes to repairing cracks, depending on the width and depth of your crack. The preparation is the same, we remove the weeds and the soil in the crack with a shovel and spatula, then we scrub as much as possible with the help of an industrial broomster and we finish with one Leaf blower.

If the crack is 1/4 of an inch deep, we apply a liquid that dries and cures after about fifteen minutes.

If the crack is wide and deep at that time we have an industrial machine for this kind of situation that melts a rubberized "tar" in the crack to fill it and hold it all together to prevent deterioration. The customer also has the option of filling the crack with asphalt. (Prices vary).


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