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Asphalt Sealer

What role does a bitumen sealer play?

The bitumen sealer is the ingredient in the asphalt that acts as a "glue" by holding the aggregate together. The application of a sealer makes the asphalt waterproof and prevents water from entering small holes & cracks and further damaging it. Oil and gas spills are washable using water and dish soap.

The bitumen sealer protects/revives the asphalt for a period of 2-3 years (due to natural oxidation) which keeps its condition.

Here's what water does after a sealer treatment

The application procedure

We clean your parking lot using a leaf blower, industrial broom and/or mechanical broom depending on the dirtiness of your asphalt. When we apply the sealer with a sprayer, we use a plastic panel to prevent staining your uni stone, foundation, fence, etc. When we finish we put a yellow tape at the entrance to prevent access.


CONDITIONS TO BE RESPECTED: let dry 24 hours before walking, and 48 hours before putting in a vehicle.

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