Asphalt Sealer

What role does the sealer play?

The asphalt sealer gives the asphalt a new life for a period of 2-3 years (due to natural oxidation,) which makes it possible to keep it in its present state. After application, the asphalt "drinks" the sealer for 2 weeks (even if it is dry after 48 hours,) fills the small cracks, penetrates to the foundation, and become matt black like new asphalt . The way it protects is that the water pearls on the surface and does not allow it to penetrate, oil and gas leaks stay on the surface and can be cleaned with the help of a garden hose and/or dish soap with a brush.

When we say water pearls on the surface.. Water really does pearl on the surface!

The application procedure

Depending on the condition and size of your parking, this service is normally completed within an hour. The procedure is as follows: with the help of industrial brushes, leaf blower, and shovels to remove all weeds, we clean the surface as much as possible to make the sealer adhere and go in every millimeter of your asphalt. Our sealer is applied with our industrial motorized sprayer, with cartons to protect your paving stone, your house, and all the surroundings. If the pavement around the asphalt has a more complex pattern, we will put industrial paint tape to ensure its protection, and also use our cardboard to take precaution. CONDITIONS TO RESPECT: let dry 24 hours before walking on the surface, and 48 hours before putting a vehicle


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